March Specials

TRANSFORM 100 NITRILE POWDER-FREE GLOVES Optimal stretchability, textured fingertips, chemotherapy-tested Ice Blue 3.2 mil 100/box XS, S, M, L, XL (#263sm41-45) SPECIAL PRICE $8.49 SONIC NITRILE POWDER-FREE GLOVES Ultra comfortable, stretchy, textured fingertips Cobalt Blue 2.2 mil 300/box XL=270/box XS, S, M, L, XL (#263sm46-50) SPECIAL PRICE/100 GLOVES $8.96 SPECIAL PRICE $26.89 BIODEGRADABLE SPONGES 435sm01 2”x 2”- 5 x 5 cm 200 per sleeve 20 sleeves percase 4,000 units 435sm02 4”x 4”-10 x 10 cm 200 per sleeve 10 sleeves percase 2,000 units JOIN OUR LOYALTY PROGRAM TO BE REWARDED! CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER AT 1-866-428-9188! PERFORM NITRILE POWDER-FREE GLOVES Increased tactile sensitivity, textured fingertips Teal Green 2.5 mil 200/box XS, S, M, L, XL (#263sm16-20) SPECIAL PRICE/100 GLOVES $7.74 SUPERMAXCANADA.COM SPECIAL PRICE $15.49 SUPER ETCH • Stays where placed • Does not run onto soft tissue • Washes away easily with water • Easily controlled gel which flows under direction, not gravity • Blue tint for easy placement visibility • Thixotropic gel to improve handling 37% PHOSPHORIC ACID ETCH GEL CREATED BY SDI super etch jumbo kit only $ 54.99 Reg.Price: $66.49 #234sb02 32