March Specials

#@5391< 1B38 ǨǦǧǮ ɢ5BC 6B?= ǩ B1< 1B5 ǩ ū <9>@B?ū B?@8I Paste (2.7% Sodium Fluoride) 3M™ Lava™ Ultimate "5CD?B1D9F5C 3M Dental Face Masks 2+1 2+1 * 3+1 * ǩ ū <9>@B?ū Sealants 3M™ Attest™ Biological Indicators 3M™White & Brite Tooth Whitening Deluxe Kits 3+1 3+1 3+1 NPN 80069386 BUY $3,700 in 3M™ Attest™ Rapid Biological Indicators AND Comply™ Chemical Indicators OR Chemical Integrators (on one invoice) GET an Attest™ 390 Auto-Reader 1D >? 1449D9?>1< 381B75 Sterilization Starter Promo ‡ Ask your rep how you can get an even faster readout! ‡ >5 D9=5 ?ɢ5B ?><I @5B ?ɣ35 3MRewards is a points-based program and registration inthe program is requiredto become eligibleto collect reward points. See fullterms and conditions ofthe 3MOral Care Rewards Program at Requests and invoices for3MOral Care Rewards Points must be submittedwithin 2 months afterthe end date ofa promotionto be awarded points. *Goods received at no additional charge must be ofequal or lesservalue. <51C5 C55I?EBǩ B1< 1B5 ED8?B9J54 9CDB92ED?B6?B5<9792<5 @B?4E3D 9>6?B=1D9?> ǩ B5C5BF5CD85 B978DD? 381>75 ?B31>35<D85C5 @B?=?D9?>C 1D 1>ID9=5G9D8?ED >?D935 ɢ5BC 1F19<12<5 ?><I9> 1>141 3MScience.Appliedto Life., 3M, ESPE, Clinpro,Attest, Filtek,Vanish, Scotchbond, Lava, RelyX, Protemp, Clicker, Ketac,Aplicap, Sof-Lex and Complyaretrademarks of3Mor3MDeutschland GmbH. Used under license in Canada.All othertrade names referenced arethe service marks,trademarks orregisteredtrademarks oftheirrespective companies. © 2018, 3M.All rights reserved. 1712-10731 E **To redeem free goods, please send qualifying invoices to or fax: 519-452-6597 (Attn: 3MOral Care) 6