Equipment Catalogue 2018

4 Qual i ty Sinclair Dental offers, installs, and supports a wide range of the world’s top quality equipment. We carry an extensive selection of the finest and most advanced dental equipment in order to meet your particular needs. We pride ourselves in the excellence we offer, striving to constantly improve customer satisfaction. Wide Select ion Our worldwide vendors and diverse range of equipment make it possible for you to explore and grow with us. We provide you with wide selection of equipment to deepen your success in the dental practice. Top Serv i ce At Sinclair, client support goes far beyond the delivery of equipment. We practice a value culture that drives higher customer satisfaction for every customer. Our support for your success begins with making the right choices to maximize the return on your investment, with ease and satisfaction. EQUIPMENT Equipment No matter the goals or challenges, Sinclair delivers the capabilities our customers need to be successful. We help thousands of practices capitalize on performance, customer satisfaction, and competitive advantage, all within their budget and vision. E QU I PMEN T S I NC L A I R D EN TA L S E RV I C E S Alwaysbyyourside Alwaysbyyourside ™