Equipment Catalogue 2018

5 Offering the most progressive and advanced High-Tech Equipment that will keep you on the cutting-edge of dentistry HIGH-TECH H I GH- T E CH High-Tech When you choose Sinclair Dental to provide your high-tech solutions, we want you to enjoy the benefits as soon as possible. You will experience hands-on learning from trained professionals, to make sure your investment is seamlessly integrated into your practice. Visit one of our showrooms for a ‘test-drive’. Call 1-800-663-7393 S I NC L A I R D EN TA L S E RV I C E S Digital Pans/Cephs Caries Detection Impression & Model Scanners Milling Machines 3D Cone Beam CT Digital Sensors Dental Microscopes Intraoral Scanners Intraoral Cameras Dental Imaging Software Oral Cancer Screening Digital X-Ray Scanners