Equipment Catalogue 2018

Toredeem,,uploadthedealerinvoice datedOctober1 thruDecember31,2017 (withdoctor’sand/orpractice/facilitynameanddate purchased),completethe informationrequiredontheform(which includestheserialnumberofthe autoclave),andselect “Submit”.All informationwillbeverifiedbyTuttnauerUSAuponsubmission. Aconfirmationemailwillbesent foryour records.Keep theconfirmationuntilgoodsor rebateare received.Redemptiondeadline is January31,2018.Pleaseallow4weeks for receiptof rebateor shipmentof freegoods.Excludes reconditionedandscratchanddentmachines. A $ 792 Retail Value FREE Ultrasonic (withSS basket) THE BIG 3 2 1 LARGEST SELECTION BEST WARRANTY BIGGEST CHAMBER SIZES • 2 Year Parts & Labor Warranty* • 10 Year Chamber Warranty Designed to meet the most current sterilization standards ANSI/AAMI ST55 * *Standard on EZPlus, EZ & EA models only Did you know? Our EZPlus models offer a closed- oor drying system. Why is this important? This ensures the door remains closed throughout the dry cycle to maintain sterility and efficient drying of packs and pouches. Choose From: Elara11 - Class B 11” Chamber size Pre and Post Vacuum Autoclaves Valueklave 1730 7” Chamber size Compact Autoclaves Water Distillers & Ultrasonic Cleaners and Tablets 9” & 10” Chamber sizes Manual Autoclaves EZPlus & EZ 9”, 10” & 11” Chamber Sizes Fully Automatic Autoclaves 3870 15” Chamber Size Large Capacity Autoclaves 3 58