Equipment Catalogue 2018

Our 200+ certified Technical Service Representatives (TSRs) are available all across Canada, ready to provide their expertise when you need it most. Our TSRs are highly trained and equipped with the latest diagnostic tools and original factory replacement parts, so that you can be confident your equipment is always in perfect working order and up to factory specifications. Profess ional ly Trained Techni c ians To minimize costly downtime, as well as excessive maintenance and repair bills, we offer a scheduled Preventative Maintenance Program. Your dedicated TSR will visit your office each month to perform a full checkup of all included equipment for about $3 per day, per operatory. We also offer On-Demand Emergency Service to tend to any urgent matters. Ask your Sinclair Service Technician for details. Flexible Maintenance Prefer not to wait for a technician to come to your office? Our Remote Service will provide you with immediate assistance online (certain conditions apply). It is a fast and highly effective service that will give you the result you want – and save you time and money. This is part of our High-Tech commitment to serving our customers with superior quality and speed. High-Tech Remote Serv i ce If your highspeeds, lowspeeds, electric motors and/or attachments need repair, we can help. Our handpiece repair centres are conveniently located in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City and stock thousands of quality parts. We are authorized dealers and specialist repairers for all major brands, including: A-dec, KaVo, Midwest, Sable, SciCan, StarDental, NSK and W&H. Handpiece Repai r Service SERVICE Exceeding expectations! S E RV I C E S I NC L A I R D EN TA L S E RV I C E S In of f i ce maintenance 6