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The Alpha Air Series offers:

• German Apochromatic Lenses for superior optics

• The brightest LED illumination on the market (standard)

• Exceptionally designed for superior maneuverability and performance

• One of the lightest Dental surgical microscopes on the market

• Five mounting options

• Large Selection of accessories

The Seiler Alpha Air truly revolutionizes the way the Dental Microscope

performs and operates.

Produce Quality Water For Your

Autoclaves Quickly and Ezeely!

Ezee Kleen 2.5 / Ezee Kleen 2.5 HD:

Never run out of water for your autoclaves/sterilizers

or self-contained water systems

Produces 4 liters of water every 2 minutes

Self-monitors for consistent water quality

Eliminate bulky storage of bottles

Produce consistently high quality water that

will reduce maintenance and equipment failure

Produce the quality of water necessary to comply with all

autoclave/sterilizer manufacturers’ TDS level guidelines

Save money on water!


16” H x 12” W x 6” D

Ask your Sinclair Dental Representative to

determine which unit is right for your office