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Canada-Wide: 1-800-663-7393


Elements Diagnostic Unit


Lip Hooks

• Package of 5

• Each (570ay19)....................


Patient Lead Cord

• Each (570ay05)..................


Vitality Probe

• Package of 2

• Each (570ay21)....................


Endo-Express Reciprocating

Handpiece (EDS)

• E-type connection, Push-button


• Allows canals to be shaped in 2-5

minutes per canal from the time of

measurement without hand


• 30 degree motion virtually

eliminates cyclic fatigue, torsional

stress and binding

• (702es01)

Endo-Mate TC2 Cordless

Handpiece with Motor


• Large LCD, simple 5-key

operation and a lightweight

cordless handpiece assure easy


• Slim head and neck assures

higher visibility

• The Auto Reverse & Alarm

Function alerts you with an

audible sound to let you know that

the load is about to reach the

pre-set torque level

• Supports most major brands of

Ni-Ti files

• (826nk05)

EndoTouch TC2 Cordless

Endo Motor System

(Kerr Endodontics)

• Ergonomic design, lightweight

and simple 5-key operation

provide comfort and ease of use

• The auto reverse and alarm

functions indicate the load is

about to reach the pre-set torque

level, allowing you to unload the

file even before the auto reverse

sets in

• Supports most major brands of

NiTi files along with 5 programs

which can easily be set for each

type of file

• The 6-position type head allows

the direction of the contra angle to

be adjusted for increased comfort

and easier access

• Continuous operation of

approximately 1.2 hours between

each charge

• (826ay46)

Impact Air

(Kerr Endodontics)

• Air turbine

• 45° angle head allows maximum

visibility and ideal access for tight

spaces during endodontic surgery

• Easy push button friction-grip bur


Fibre optic with 5-hole


• (713ay04)

Non-Fibre optic with 4-hole


• (713ay05)

M4 Contra Angle for

TC2 Cordless Endo Motor

(Kerr Endodontics)

• Designed to navigate canals

quickly, efficiently and effectively

with hand files to reduce hand


• The chuck has been designed to

oscillate, mimicking the watch-

winding motion used when hand

filing, and it is compatible with

most hand files

• Works with any TC-Type cordless

motor including: SybronEndo

Touch TC/TC2 and NSK

Endo-Mate TC/TC2 cordless

motors, and it is compatible with

most hand files

• (702kr03)

Mini Apex Locator


(Kerr Endodontics)

File Clip

• Package of 3

• Each (570ay20)..................


Lead Wire

• Package of 2

• Each (570ay22)..................


Lip Hook

• Package of 5

• Each (570ay23)..................


MiniEndo II

(Kerr Endodontics)

• A sleek, compact ultrasonic unit

designed specifically for

endodontic applications

• The only unit with

microprocessors designed to

deliver the right amount of power

and amplitude at the tip to

successfully complete endodontic


• (826ay40)

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