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SD-900 Bleaching

LED Light (Spa-Dent)

• State of the art Blue & Red LED

Technology - No Heat, No UV

Light, No Tooth Dehydration

• Blue light accelerates the

whitening process, while the red

light stimulates cellular


• Gel formula is PH neutral and will

not harm enamel

• Simple pre-filled, dual arch tray

for easy application and whitening

of the entire “smile area”

• For first time whitening, patients

complete 2 x 20 minutes extra

strength sessions, single session

touch-ups every 6-12 months

• (876sa07)




Enhance your patient’s

sense of ease

Experience the result of 85+ years of design

expertise and craftsmanship.

Delivery system con guration may be quickly

converted for left or right-handed operation.

Stores multiple chair and unit function settings, for as

many as four dentists.

Assistant’s instruments swing arm. Adjustable height

holder. Position instruments where they can be most

easily accessed.

Delivery systems are available in a variety of

popular con gurations.

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