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Pro II Knee Break Chair Model 037


• Upright chair positions patients in an ideal posture

with their feet on the floor for accurate assessment of

jaw relationship, obtaining accurate occlusal records,

JVA, TENS and Jaw tracking

• Armrests swing out yet are sturdy enough to support a

patient's weight for when assistance entering or

exiting is needed

• The toeboard extends from the swing up leg rest at

the touch of a preset switch, allowing even patients

over 6 feet to be supported.

• Conveniently located foot control levers operate the 4

Pre-sets in the center and manual positioning at each


• The compact footprint in the upright position takes

less space, allows better access to the front of the

chair. The straight lift base does not go forward as

many chairs so it maintains this smaller footprint even

as it goes into recline

• Effortless rotation of 110 degrees each way lets the

Pro II be positioned for convenient patient entry,

relaxed face to face consultation, patient education at

a computer monitor, and examination at 6 o'clock or

other directions

Optional: Power Headrest (model 039 only)

Quolis Q-5000 Chair with

Plush Sling Upholstery (Belmont)

• Seat positioning systems smoothly and gently glides

patients into desired treatment position

• Thin, narrow backrest design provides patient comfort

and improves operator access to patient oral cavity

• Dual axis articulating headrest

• Integrated armrest touchpad chair controls on both the

doctor's and the assistant's side of the chair with

safety lock-out button

• Available in: Seamless or Plush and Slings or Wide

Backrest upholstery

X-Calibur Bel-50 Chair (Belmont)

• Thin, narrow backrest design permits close

access to the oral cavity

• Programmable backrest membrane chair


• Dual axis headrest

• Armrests swing-out for patient entry and exit

from the chair

• Available in: Wing, Wing Plush, Sling and

Deluxe upholstery