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Chair Packages

A-dec 300 Package (A-dec)

Stylish and compact. A‑dec 300 fits both small spaces

and conservative budgets. Combines a robust design,

great access, and minimal maintenance.

The 311 chair with pressure mapped, contoured sur-

faces and virtual pivot back ensure patient comfort and

support. Quietly and smoothly position patients with a

hydraulic lift cylinder that’s engineered for a 20 year life.

The ultra-thin, flexible back provides excellent oral cavity


The 300 series radius-style delivery offers versatile left/

right compatibility.

Package Shown Contains:

• 311B Chair with Sewn Upholstery and Contoured

Floor Box

• 332 Radius Traditional Unit with Deluxe Touchpad

• 351B Assistant’s Instrumentation

• 572L Radius LED Light

• 482 Monitor Mount

A-dec 400 Package with

300 Delivery System (A-dec)

Form and function come together in a value priced con-

temporary design when you pair a 400 Series chair with

a 300 series control unit.

The 411 chair puts patient comfort first with a virtual pivot

that synchronizes the chair movement with the patient’s

anatomy and motion. A Double articulating Headrest

adjusts easily for optimal patient positioning. It features

an ultra-think and flexible backrest. The 300 series deliv-

ery unit is compact, designed with a platform that allows

you to add the latest in clinical products.

Package shown contains:

• 411 chair with sewn upholstery

• 332 radius traditional unit with Deluxe Touchpad

• 551 assistant’s instrumentation

• 572L Radius Led light

• 482 monitor mount

• 461 Cuspidor and Support Centre