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Ontario Fax: 1-877-648-5856


X-Rays – Intraoral

Phot-X IIs 505 (Belmont)

• Programmable for Film, Phosphor Plates or Digitals

sensors of any make for correct exposures

• The radiation output of the micro-computer controlled

exposures can be read directly with the press of a

button ensuring correct digital imaging settings are a


• Easy to position lightweight High Frequency DC

tubehead with small 0.4 x 0.4 mm focal spot produces

exceptionally sharp images

• The long cone option allows even sharper images and

less magnification distortion while reducing patient

radiations even more

• Multiple mounting solutions allow you to use the Phot-X

IIs in any office situation. Choose from 5 horizontal arms

to give 56” to 86 ‘” reach to fit your operatory size

• Also available as a mobile unit

Preva DC (Progeny)

• 0.4 mm focal spot produces visibly higher resolution

images, whether you’re using film or digital sensors

• Smooth gliding arms provide a full range of motions

• The proprietary braking system eliminates drift and sag

• Perfect for today’s digital sensors and for advances to

come in speed and sensitivity

• Mobile version also available

• Available in single or double stud and available with arm

reach: 56", 66", 72" and 82"

• (870po01)

Available as Preva Plus:

• Intraoral x-ray with its own integrated digital sensor

• A simple USB connection and a specially designed

receptacle right on the arm integrates the digital sensor

and all cabling and electronics are self-contained and

hidden away inside the arm, helping to keep

youroperatory well-organized and cable-free

• Includes: Preva DC X-Ray Head (66” arm, double stud),

#1 Clear Vision Sensor, #2 Clear Vision Sensor

• (870po09)

Preva Plus

Increase efficiency, savings and

patient comfort by going digital!