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Ontario Fax: 1-877-648-5856



COMFORTdrive System

• LED lighting provides superior

light and colour temperature

similar to daylight

• Precise cutting and smooth


• 30 Watt of constant power for

consistent performance

• Very low decibel level (55 dB)

• Ceramic Bearings

• Auto-calibration “Plug-n-Prep”

which allows for air-like

“feathering” between 30,000 -

200,000 rpm with the foot pedal

• No need for button pushing to

control speed or calibrate

• No display needed, integrates

discretely into your operatory

• It works off the current air source

and no adjustment is required of

any other equipment in the office

COMFORTdrive System


• Contains: 1 COMFORTdrive

200 XDR Handpiece, (1) COM-

FORTtronic control module &

power supply and (1) COMFORT

base coupling and tubing

• (704kv14)

COMFORTdrive Operatory Setup

• Contains: Two additional

COMFORTdrive 200 XDR


• (704kv13)

Plus KL703

Electrotorque Plus KL703

LED Brushless Motor


• Brushless motor system with

minimal vibration for a quiet,

smooth and more concentric cut

• Short sterilizable LED motor with

adjustable water spray at the


• Motor speed range 100 -

40,000 rpm (with various

attachments 2 - 200,000 rpm)

• Digital speed control with forward/

reverse operations and two

programmable speed settings that

can be individually set by the user

• Speed can be feathered with

existing rheostat through entire

pre-selected speed range

• Small and easy to install control

box that fits in virtually any

delivery system

• (704kv15)


Electrotorque TLC KL703

LED Brushless Motor


• Brushless electric motor for all

your high-speed, low-speed and

torque control endodontic needs

• Endo operation is available with a

push of a button - no more

searching and set up of a

separate endo motor.

• Performs exact rotary endo

procedures safely with torque

control, auto-reverse and cellular

optic advantages

• Short sterilizable LED motor with

adjustable water spray at the


• Motor speed range 100 -

40,000 rpm (with various

attachments 2 - 200,000 rpm)

• Remote mountable faceplate for

convenient mounting options and

easy to access controls

• Small control box can be easily

retro-fitted with air/electric

conversion kit into any delivery


• (704kv16)

ExpertSurg Oral Surgery

Motor System

• Six Customizable Parameters:

Treatment steps (max. 10),

Change of contra-angle

transmission ratio, Max speed,

Max torque, Pumping power (0 –

4), Motor Forward/Reverse

• Features one touch auto-

calibration to help ensure

accurate torque

• Intuitive user interface with colour

screen to accurately display the

adjusted maximum torque and

motor speed

• Hygienic design with smooth

surface making it easy to clean

• (715kv01)