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Serving the dental profession

since 1962.



Prophy Cups

Our complete line of prophy cups and brushes minimizes

splatter and fit most prophy angles. Densco



cups are available in Soft Blue, Firm Yellow, Medium

White and Latex Free Dynamo Green.



Prophy Angles

A combined webbed and ribbed design for heavy stain

removal and reduced splatter, Densco



prophy angles are made of high-strength nylon

components and a dry natural rubber prophy cup.

Available in Soft Blue.

Wizard Wedges


Matrix Wedges

These proven wedges ensure

better access and stable holding

of matrix systems during your

critical restorative procedures.

Specially crafted from birch

wood for greater tooth separation

and faster, better tooth position

recovery upon removal.



Contour Matrix Band

These contoured matrix bands

create anatomically contoured

contacts with minimal burnishing

for your best and tightest

interproximal contacts. Made of

high tensile strength stainless

steel that will not tear under


Original Tofflemire


Matrix Bands

This surgical grade stainless steel

band is carefully stamped for

consistently smooth edges that

keep your patient comfortable

and reduce risk of gingival

trauma. Available in a variety of

sizes and contours, in both .002

in. and .0015 in. thicknesses

Original Tofflemire


Dead Soft Matrix Bands

The micro-thin “dead-soft” band

is .001 inch gauge, making it more

flexible than thicker bands. For use

with posterior composites, it helps

create tight interproximal contact.

Allows creation of ideal restoration

contour without breakage or band