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About Us

Currently the fastest growing, full-service dental supply company in Canada, Sinclair Dental's phenomenal expansion has not compromised its tradition of quality products and exemplary service. Proudly Canadian owned and operated, Sinclair constantly strives to be the industry leader in improving customer satisfaction, providing innovative solutions and adapting to ever-changing trends and needs.

Mission Statement

The "Sinclair Spirit" encompasses excellence, respect, service and trust.

Excellence — striving to constantly improve customer satisfaction, provide innovative solutions and adapt to the industry's ever- changing trends and needs.

Respect — for each other and demonstrated to you through our thoughtfulness, appreciation, regard and consideration.

Service — friendly, knowledgeable and experienced people that understand the importance of responsiveness and reliability.

Trust — integrity and candour in providing unsurpassed customer care and offering swift and effective solutions imparting you with confidence and peace of mind to focus on your priorities.

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