Sinclair Dental

Company History

Currently the fastest growing, full-service dental supply company in Canada, Sinclair Dental's phenomenal expansion has not compromised its tradition of quality products and exemplary service. Proudly Canadian owned and operated, Sinclair constantly strives to be the industry-leader in improving customer satisfaction, providing innovative solutions and adapting to ever-changing trends and needs.

The founder of our company

Bruce Sinclair left Denco in 1971 to enter the dental supply business and founded Sinclair Dental which was initially run from his West Vancouver home. As a result of securing key distribution agreements with several industry leading dental manufacturers, Bruce was able to develop Sinclair Dental into a company with a dozen employees and annual sales of $1.5 million in British Columbia.

New beginnings...

During an unassuming drive along one of North Vancouver's side streets in 1987, Dr. Arjang Nowtash chanced upon Sinclair Dental and by early 1988 was the proud owner of the company that would ultimately be the instrument of his success. Over the next few years, Arjang passionately immersed himself in Sinclair gleaning an intimate understanding of all facets of the company that he completely restructured and positioned for its unprecedented growth.

1988 to present

The decade of expansion that followed was almost totally internally generated. Known for his fierce independence and instinctive beliefs, Arjang was able to attract many of the industry's finest sales people and, through their flexible and unique approach to meeting the changing needs of the profession, Sinclair Dental became the leading full-service dental supply company in Western Canada. This period was also marked by a significant increase in the company's scope of products and services, revolutionary improvements to distribution and equipment servicing as well as its reputation for providing complete dental office design and installation.

As a result of growth, the Winnipeg branch was opened in 1990, followed quickly by Calgary and Edmonton in 1993 and 1994 respectively. By 1994, the rapid expansion of the company resulted in outgrowing its original quarters and Sinclair had to move to a new location. In 2000, Sinclair continued its expansion eastward into Ontario by first opening a branch in Toronto and subsequently, in London and Ottawa. In late 2005, just over a decade after the last move, Sinclair moved into its new state-of-the-art head-office facility in North Vancouver. In 2006, Sinclair continued its road eastwards to Québec when it proudly announced the simultaneous opening of 2 new branches in Montréal and Québec City.

Most recently, in January 2014, Sinclair’s Halifax branch opened its doors to serving clients in the Maritimes. The expansion into the Maritimes provides Sinclair the opportunity to offer its products and services, to clients, coast to coast.

A true success story

Today, Sinclair Dental prides itself on maintaining its warm family culture, and with significant contributions from its dedicated team of over 600 employees, has grown its sales to more than $250 million across the country. The company looks forward with confidence to expanding its renowned sales, service and support from coast to coast while continuing to evolve to meet the increasingly technical requirements of dentistry today. Most importantly, Sinclair remains steadfastly committed to maintaining its close relationships and forging new partnerships in the dental profession.

Mission Statement

The "Sinclair Spirit" encompasses excellence, respect, service and trust.

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