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SoproLife Intraoral Camera and Caries Detection Device

SoproCARE (Acteon)

The Revelation
SoproCARE was developed to assist the dental professional in the detection of occlusal caries, gingival inflammation and provides the ability to differentiate between plaque and tartar all while producing high-quality intraoral images.


  • Perio Mode
    • Detects gingival inflammation as well as differentiating between plaque and tartar

  • Cario Mode
    • Effective and accurate detection of occlusal caries

  • Daylight Mode
    • Capture high quality intraoral images from a portrait shot all of the way down to tooth structure with SOPRO's MACRO MODE

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SoproLife Intraoral Camera and Caries Detection Device

SoproLife (Acteon)

It’s an Intraoral Camera and a Caries Detection Device!

  • Diagnosis Aid Mode
    • Diagnosis mode focuses more on the enamel structure
    • Greater accuracy in identifying, evaluating and determining the location of a carious lesion with image magnification of 115x
    • Variations in the amelodentinal architecture results in visible colour changes to the tooth’s image
    • The speed of diagnosis and proposing a treatment protocol is greatly increased
    • The fluorescent imagery surpasses the limits of digital radiography in the detection of lesions in hard tissues

  • Treatment Aid Mode
    • Treatment aid mode focuses more on the dentinal structure
    • Clearly shows the differences between healthy and diseased tissue

  • Daylight Aid Mode
    • White light mode allows a specific observation of the structures surrounding the tooth such a the periodontium
    • Blue light focuses on the tissue of the tooth
    • Easily shift from one mode to the other
    • Large depth of field from portrait to macro vision

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