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Digital X-Ray Scanners

GXPS 500

GXPS-500™ (Gendex)

Fast track into digital imaging with the speedy GXPS-500 while keeping the office’s familiar workflow and preserving your past investment. In an instant, imaging plates are converted to clear, sharp images ready for diagnosis, and cleared for reuse.

Affordable Alternative

  • An economical way to step into digital dentistry
  • Replace the cost and inconvenience of the film processor
  • Reusable, long-lasting imaging plates

Fast, Familiar Workflow

  • Film-like workflow with the benefits of digital imaging
  • Image readout in 5 to 7 seconds — including automatic plate clearing
  • Saves time and enhance productivity by minimizing processing time and maintenance

Chemical-Free, Hassle-Free Images

  • Eliminate chemicals to create a safer work environment
  • SmartFeed™ technology reduces user error
  • Touchless process helps facilitate long plate life


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