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3D cone beam cT

GXDP-700 S

GXDP-700 Series (Gendex)

Gendex 3D

The GXDP-700 Series is a modular system combining 2-D and 3D Cone Beam imaging capabilities. The system allows you to complement general preventative care, extractions, implants, endodontics, and orthodontics procedures with the power of targeted 3D scans.

  1. Repeatability With built-in functionality and thoughtfully developed tools, you can acquire clear, detailed, high-quality images, easily and consistently.
    • SmartMotion™ — Adaptable motion to compensate for anatomical curvatures to optimize image quality
    • EasyPosition™ — Easy-access column controls; sturdy chin support; balanced, comfortable handgrips; fully adjustable head support; laser alignment lights for accurate positioning

  2. Flexibility The GXDP-700™ allows different types of imaging for a wide range of situations, giving you the flexibility to capture the images necessary for the procedures you perform. The system also provides the options needed to manage dose by taking radiographs that are tailored to body size, image type, and even pinpointing the area of interest.
    • 3D scan-sizes:
      1. 4 cm diameter (d) x 6 cm height (h)
      2. 8 cm diameter (d) x 6 cm height (h) – (optional)
    • 33 Panoramic projections; 11 selections for three patient sizes, including TMJ and Bitewing views.
    • 15 2-D Cephalometric projections; 5 selections for three patient sizes
    • Ceph upgrade offers a movable single sensor or time-saving dual sensors
    • Adjustable exposure — ability to customize dose within the allotted range

  3. Powerful 3D CBCT The GXDP-700 S offers 3D views that can be sliced in any direction—an imperative to determining anatomical variations that can affect the success of the procedure.
    • Utilize for diagnosis and treatment of endodontic, surgical, and implant procedures
    • PerfectScout™ — Easily target the exact region of interest
    • Totally integrated implant solutions — Use the scan to plan with multiple implant brands and for CAD/CAM applications, such as surgical guides and milled restorations


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