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Digital X-Ray Scanners


PSPIX2 (Acteon)

The first personal imaging plate scanner

  • Small - compact size fits in any operatory
  • Intuitive - easy to learn and easier to use
  • Elegant - a perfect solution for plate scanning
  • Affordable - every chairside can be equipped


Outstanding patient comfort - With increased flexibility, the wireless ACTEON imaging plates provide greater comfort for your patients. Imaging plates are available in sizes: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4

Enhanced image quality - PSPIX provides accurate sharp and contrasted images to ensure reliable clinical diagnosis

Software capabilities - PSPIX is delivered with Sopro Imaging software, which is easy to integrate and used by thousands


Size1 Size2 Size3 Size4
Size 1 image Size 2 image Size 3 image Size 4 image


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