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Oral Cancer Screening

Incandescent Light Every hour of every day someone dies of Oral Cancer. The Canadian Cancer Society reports a total of 3,150 new diagnosed oral cancer cases in 2006 (Men: 2,100 cases, Women: 1,050 cases). This means more diagnosed oral cancer cases than Brain, Cervix, Esophagus, Hodgkin Lymphoma, Multiple Myeloma, Ovary, Larynx, Stomach and Testis cancer.1

Lifetime probability of developing oral cancer in Canada:
Men: 1 in 74.2 Women: 1 in 154.8

Lifetime probability of dying from oral cancer in Canada:
Men: 1 in 205.0 Women: 1 in 401.3

Using Fluorescent Visualization

The relative five-year survival rate for patients who are diagnosed with localized (early stage) oral cancer is 82.1%, but drops to 51.3% for patients with regional disease and 27.6% for patients whose cancer has metastasized. Currently only 35% of patients with oral and pharyngeal cancer are diagnosed at an early stage.2

Early screening, diagnosis, and treatment saves lives.

1 A Canadian Cancer Society - Canadian Cancer Statistics 2007.
2 American Cancer Society, Surveillance Research 2006.


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