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Polaris Camera

Polaris (Air Techniques)

  • Polaris Intraoral Camera provides exceptional image quality that will aid in case acceptance
  • Sleek body design features a 120 degree button ring for added comfort
  • Superior optics and broad focal range delivers exceptional image quality that will enhance your patient diagnosis
  • Fixed focus technology keeps objects from 6mm to 40mm in sharp detail - No need to adjust anything
  • Let's you reach all areas of oral cavity with minimal effort and maximum comfort
  • Unique capture-upon-release feature makes capturing an image as easy as 1-2-3:
    1) Aim
    2) Press button
    3) Release & capture image
  • Quick connect feature provides true-in-pocket portability and effortless room-to-room mobility
  • Low-glare LED light
  • Connects to your existing dental unit with ease
  • Dedicated power button allows you to control when to turn Polaris ON or OFF
  • Works with Visix and most TWAIN 2.1 compliant software for easy integration into your practice
  • According to a recent report by The Dental Advisor, 100% of consultants would recommend Polaris

Air Techniques

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