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Spectra Caries Detection / Intraoral Camera

Spectra (Air Techniques)


  • Spectra is the only caries detection aid that works like Doppler radar to discover caries earlier
  • Sleek design features a 120 degree button ring for added comfort
  • Early detection means pinpointing problems at an earlier stage, which traditionally go undetected. This leads to more conservation and less excavation
  • Spectra uses fluorescence to detect caries in fissures and smooth surfaces that may go unnoticed in X-ray images
  • Carious regions appear red, while healthy enamel appears green
  • After capturing the image within your existing imaging software, the extent of the decay will be interpolated and indicated in two ways:
    • The colour will be either blue, red, orange or yellow
    • A numerical indicator between 0 and 5 will be shown

  • No other caries detection aid can do this

  • Impressive, information-rich images enhance case acceptance
  • Spectra can detect decay hidden between the margins of existing composite and amalgam restorations
  • The Doppler radar-like images are easily understood and allow you to clearly show your patients how early intervention helps them
  • Spectra guides you through the caries removal process from pre-to post-procedure, ensuring that all carious dentin has been removed

  • Can be used to detect Fractured Tooth Syndrome, plaque and caries
  • The TWAIN interface allows you to integrate and save the fluoresced images into your patients database
  • Store and compare images over time to track the effect of your treatment
  • Connects to computer with USB cable
  • Weighs only 2.1 ounces

Air Techniques

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