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Dr. Roland Estrabillo


"I personally strive to be the best I can be; to always be on the cutting edge and among the first to introduce new technologies that will enhance my abilities and provide the best care possible to my patients. Similarly, it should be every dental office’s desire to create the most relaxing, comfortable, up-to-date and sophisticated office in order to provide the highest quality dental care to its patients.

Image and functionality are the two most important criteria that I considered when designing my new office. How to integrate these items to best reflect the quality of our office technology, clinicians and our staff was one of the key challenges. Designing and building my new office was a combination of the most stressful, and yet one of most enjoyable experiences I've ever had!

Its eventual success depended on a well-orchestrated performance by a group of team players that together played a critical role in the project. Careful consideration of this team is a MUST if you are to achieve success. I am very happy to have chosen Sinclair Dental to be a part of that team; their professionalism, knowledge, and caring attitude from the inception through to the completion of this project were a very important factor in its overall success. "

- Dr. Roland Estrabillo

Madison Centre Dental


"Madison Centre Dental was envisioned to be a dream practice, for the doctors, for the staff and in particular for the patients. I wanted a contemporary West Coast theme, featuring the elements of wood, water, and metals, within a serene and gentle environment of earth tones.

The artistic talents of designer Kathe Epp were instrumental in successfully creating the vision that I had for my office. Kathe was very creative, and also took great time and effort to understand and implement the task that was given to her. The results speak for themselves. The office has allowed us the opportunity to pamper our patients, while running a modern and efficient dental practice, in a very soothing atmosphere.

With the help of Sinclair Dental, our state of the art dental equipment was installed flawlessly, and was fully operational from the beginning. The installation team showed great attention to detail and finesse when necessary. As a dentist, I particularly appreciated those qualities.

All of the talented professionals that put their time into the designing of this practice have created a unique dental office with all of the combined comforts and features that I have desired.

Thank you, "

- Dr. Karim A. Lalani

Symons Valley Dental


"After several years of practising dentistry as an associate, I realized that I needed to find a practice that reflected my personality. It had to be warm, inviting with the ambience of a "second home." I was tired of the traditional, sterile, cold feel of dental practices and my goal was to achieve a more attractive state-of-the-art office. As a new generation dentist, it is important to bring technology into the facility as it allows the patients to be involved in decisions. The traditional paternalistic approach to dentistry is no longer acceptable.

With this in mind the decision to build Symons Valley Dental was made and with the talent of interior designer, Marie Wallace, from Wallace Design and Space Planning Inc, everything from the interior layout, finishes, furniture, selection of lighting, art and accessories were carefully co-ordinated. Marie Wallace designed a practice that balances "high tech" with that of "high detail" and Persimmons Contracting Ltd converted it all to reality!

The choice to incorporate technology into a practice can be difficult for most dentists; however, I believe that unless we use technology to the fullest, we won't appreciate its advantages. With the help of Sinclair Dental we created a paperless practice that enhances the efficiency and productivity of the business it provides us the flexibility to adapt to rapidly evolving technology. Also, our facility is equipped with digital radiography, intra-oral cameras and the slick Kavo operatory chairs that feature chair mounted split screen technology.

Building a brand new practice is an exhilarating experience! Creating a new practice with a qualified team and a carefully thought-out vision is the key to an enriching experience. My staff and I are enthusiastic and proud to be working in an office that reflects the quality of care and service that we provide and we constantly receive accolades from patients that rave about their experiences at Symons Valley Dental."

- Dr. Eve Chen, BSc DMD

Scident Family Dental Clinic


"As a clinician involved in academic teaching and research, I constantly struggle with demanding schedules. When I decided to open my own practice I knew that I was going to face some very hectic and time-consuming deadlines and that my biggest challenge would be to locate quality firms that understood my specific needs.

I am so relieved that I selected Sinclair Dental to play a major role in this project. Their knowledgeable staff, professionalism, kind and caring approach throughout the various stages of the project gave me peace of mind in such a way that I could continue with my busy life without significant interruption. I acknowledge the excellent contribution of Sinclair Dental to the success of my practice."

- Dr. Babak Chehroudi D.M.D., Ph.D.

Southwest Specialty Group


"We at the Southwest Specialty Group are very pleased with the commitment that your Winnipeg team provided. During our expansion they not only worked with our designers, they were our advocates during all phases of the construction. Their dedication to our office went far beyond what we could have ever expected from a business partner; ultimately we now have a facility that is truly a wonderful place for our patients and us!

Their day-to-day commitment is a credit to you and your company. If someone wanted to look up "Total Customer Service" in the dictionary, they would see a picture of Sinclair Dental!

Thank you for the vision and the commitment that your company has demonstrated. "

- Dr. Anastasia Cholakis

Aaargon Dental Centre


"When the opportunity to set up a family practice in a new section of one of Vancouver’s largest malls combined with a high multicultural family population, I approached Sinclair Dental and Kathy Epp for direction and overall project management. Together they designed an efficient, progressive and contemporary family dental centre that has enhanced my working life considerably.

The interior reflects my personality; relaxed, friendly, and at the same time conscious of the need to offer my patients the very latest in technology, and the exterior met with the mall’s requirement for a street-front façade. Sinclair Dental provided outstanding technical, marketing and sales support with the installation of digital x-rays and intra-oral camera, and continues to provide efficient and professional on-going support so that I have been able to concentrate solely on my patients without additional worries.

Sinclair Dental helped us in every way possible. I constantly receive compliments on how fantastic my clinic looks both from the exterior and interior. YOU DID GREAT!"

- Dr. R. Chherawala, B.D.S., M.D.S.

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