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Leasing Advantages - Why Lease?

Income Tax Benefits - Leases are treated as 100% deductions for income tax purposes. They are an income statement expense in the year they occur and help to lower your taxes payable.

Conserve Your Cash - Leases remove the "sticker price shock" by allowing you to use 100% financing. There is no cash outlay for the entire amount of the capital acquisition. Remember "Cash is King" and "Money makes more Money". Your cash should be used to buy assets that appreciate in value, not depreciating assets like dental equipment or leaseholds.

No Pre-Payment of Taxes - Only the pre-tax amount on an invoice is used to calculate your monthly payments. The applicable taxes are simply paid on the monthly payment. You do not pay these taxes up front!

Preserve Your Line of Credit - Leasing is a separate source of financing from your bank. Your operating lines of credit are "preserved" for your business to grow or for personal reasons.

Pay as You Go - There is no large one time outlay of cash. You are paying incrementally with future inflated dollars!

Match Revenues with Expenses - This helps to protect your profits as you are paying for the equipment and leaseholds as you generate revenue.

Flexible Payments - Sinclair Financial can provide one year of no payment on panoramic x-rays, lasers and all digital radiography! We can tailor your monthly payments to help with cash flow and budgeting.

Quick and Easy to Do! - Usually a one page credit application is all that is needed to provide 100% financing. Often an application is approved within 24 hours.

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