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What Can I Lease?

Sinclair Financial can help you finance a project of any size, whether it is a small piece of equipment or a new practice set up. In fact, we may be able to offer 100% financing on almost everything in a dental office, dental lab or denturist's office (except consumable sundries).

Here are a few examples of what you can lease:

Dental equipment - operatory equipment, vacuums, suction, etc.

Office equipment - telephone systems, alarm systems, photocopiers, etc.

Leasehold improvements - electrical, plumbing, millwork, design, etc.

Furniture and art - waiting room furniture, staff room furniture, design plans, pictures, etc.

Computer hardware and software - all terminals, monitors, cabling, docking stations, dental or office type software, etc.

Cabinetry - custom made or pre-fabricated, including operatory and reception area

Non-consumable sundries - cassettes, lead aprons, hand instruments, mixing bowls, etc.

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