Sinclair Dental

Terms of Sale

Opening an Account

We will open an account for you with your first order and establish a $500 credit line instantly. We will also ask for a credit card number, which will be put on your file and used as a credit reference. Credit can be increased by filling in our credit application and by length of having an active account with us. Please give us your account number every time you place an order, as it accelerates the order processing time.

Price Policy

In addition to our already low prices, periodic specials will provide additional savings. We strive to keep each item at its catalogue price; however, prices can change without prior notice due to currency fluctuations and manufacturer's price increases. Typographical errors are exempted. Prices are in Canadian Dollars. Appropriate federal and/or provincial taxes will be charged where appropriate and dependent on the applicable rates.

Payment Terms

All accounts are due the 10th of the month following the invoice. The invoice is sent with your order. Please keep it for your reference, as we will send you a statement of account at the end of the month. We accept payment by cheque, Visa, MasterCard, and telephone or internet banking with all major financial institutions. A 1.5% monthly charge (18% annually) will be added to overdue balances. Equipment purchases can be paid for by leasing options or cheque.

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