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We made the big decision to move, expand and upgrade our dental office and needed help with regards to office design. I could not have done it without the Sinclair Design team. We have had a long term relationship with Sinclair Dental with regards to office supplies and maintenance so it was a natural choice for us to elicit the expertise from their in-house design team.

Designing and building a dental office can be an overwhelming experience at times but having a professional, experienced, reliable, and innovative team made the whole experience exciting and fun! Sinclair took the time to talk and find out what my vision was for the new office; modern, airy, minimalist. They were able to create a functional, beautiful and unique office space that encapsulated my vision. 

I highly recommend the Sinclair Dental team of incredibly talented and creative designers to anyone who is contemplating building a new office.


Dr. Soo, 

Soul Dental



Soul Dental Landscape - 01

Soul Dental Portrait - 01

Soul Dental Portrait - 02

Soul Dental Landscape - 02

Soul Dental Landscape - 03



1. Waiting Area

2. Reception

3. Private Office

4-7. Operatories

8. Private Office

9. Utility Room

10. Staff Area

11. Lab

12. Sterilization Area


Like what you see above? Sinclair Dental's design team is here to help.

Call 1-800-663-7393 and ask for the Design department.

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