Quolis 5000 Package

  • Quolis 5000 embodies advance technology and innovation with care and comfort in mind
  • Seat and backrest positioning are controlled by built-in armrest touchpads
  • Patients experience smooth, gentle seat motion as they glide into position for procedures or dismissal
  • The seat height can be adjust anywhere between 15-3/4 inches up to 32 inches in reclined position. This allows the chair to be adjusted to minimize stress and maintain a good working posture


Package contains:

  • Q5000 Quolis QSW Chair with Seamless wing back upholstery
  • QDU-5870 Quolis Swing Mount Delivery System
  • AU-BDS5110 Quolis Swing Mount Assistant's Arm with touchpad
  • QDU-5631 Bel-Halo 920Q LED Swing Mount Light
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