Midwest Automate System

  • Intuitively designed, 4-port automated handpiece maintenance system
  • Offers precise and consistent cleaning, lubricating, and expelling for increased efficiency
  • Extensive line of adapters & maintenance couplers provide the flexibility to use with the a wide range of handpieces
  • Effective at removing debris from handpieces
  • Item #: i835mw02

    Dentsply Sirona #: 380400

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Midwest Maintenance Automate System


Adapter description Dentsply part # Sinclair item #
E-Type Maintenance Coupler 380430 835mw07
KaVo INTRA Head Type Maintenance Coupler 380440 835mw03
KaVo Connex/MULTIFlex Type Maintenance Coupler 380450 835mw04
W&H LED Highspeed Type Maintenance Coupler 380460 835mw05
NSK Highspeed Type Maintenance Coupler 380480 835mw06