500 LED Light

  • Auto On/Off function with chair pre-set movements for 311, 411 and 511 chairs
  • Touchpad controls: On/Off function and light intensity adjustments
  • Four light intensity: high, medium, low and cure-safe mode
  • The cure-safe mode provides brilliant yellow light, enabling the dental team to work effectively without curing photo-initiated resins
  • Produces light colour temperature of 5000°K at all settings which is similar to mid-day sunlight and is ideal for shade matching
  • Three-axis, 540° spherical rotation light head provides unlimited light positioning
  • The high colour rendering index enables you to see colours accurately for better tissue diagnosis
  • The advanced lighting design minimizes shadowing and provides proper contrast to help reduce eye strain and fatigue
  • Available as:
    • 573L Post mount
    • 574L Central Cabinet mount
    • 576L Ceiling mount
    • 572L Radius chair mount for 311, 411, and 511 chairs
    • 571L Support center mount for 362 Support Center
    • 577L Track-mount
    • 575L Wall/Side cabinet mount
    • A-dec LED Light Head Upgrade Kit (white colour)
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