EZ11PLUS Automatic Autoclave

  • Features an ergonomically friendly EZGlide door with a sleek modern look and effortless opening and closing
  • Innovative EZView Multi-Colour Display offers real time cycle information that is easy to read, even from a distance. The EZView displays cycle parameters, temperature, and pressure in the chamber. During a cycle each stage is displayed with an active color wheel and text
  • Closed door drying to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying. A high efficiency air pump circulates filtered air through the chamber for fast drying
  • Front or top water fill options: accessible EZFill front or top water fill option to enable easier filling of the reservoir
  • USB Port enables users to easily transfer cycle data via a flash drive to a PC
  • Optional printer documents a detailed history of each cycle
  • Chamber size: 11” x 19.8”
  • Item #: i854tt0001

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