ClassicSeries Wet Ring Vacuum

  • ClassicSeries brings together the best of Apollo and Matrx wet ring vacuums
  • High output, proven performance 
  • Exclusive Internal Water Recycling minimizes fresh water consumption 
  • Water recycler by-pass valve helps protect against potentially harmful effects of water mineral deposits 
  • Stainless steel motor shafts and heavy-duty 1HP/2HP motors assure extra strength and reliability 
  • Dual voltage (1HP vacuums) allows for versatility and ease of installation in all mechanical rooms

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Model Voltage Dimensions
H x W x D
# of Users
CV3R 115/208-230V 15" x 12" x13" 1-3
CV5R 208-230V 17" x 12" x 13" 3-5
CV6R 115/208-230V 18.5" x 25.5" x 20" 5-6
CV10R 208-230V 18.5" x 25.5" x 20" 6-10