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Straumann CARES Intraoral Scanner

Based on a novel and incredibly compact 3D capture technique called Multiscan Imaging, the Straumann CARES Intraoral Scanner system allows the dentist to take digital impressions in a natural, fluid manner. Its remarkably small handpiece, gesture control, and easy maintenance make it a compelling digital impression option for clinicians.

  • A remarkably small handpiece very similar in size, shape, and weight to existing dental handpieces. Its familiar shape allows to assume a natural position relative to the patient. 
  • Visual and auditive feedback — a luminescent ring and audible signals indicate when data is being successfully captured, allowing the user to focus in the mouth rather than on the screen.
  • Easy maintenance of the lightweight all-metal handpiece that has no moving parts, no complex illumination or cooling system.
  • Motion control technology for a no-touch operation of the system.
  • Available Models
    • Cart Version (874qq36)
    • Portable Version (874qq37)


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Scanning technology

Cadi Software

Five miniaturized 3D scanners in the handpiece tip directly view the teeth and soft tissue from multiple orientations simultaneously, capturing even the most difficult to see areas of preparations with minimal effort by the user.


Open workflows

The Straumann CARES Intraoral Scanner is a dedicated “scan only” chairside system with multiple options for the design and fabrication steps. Captured data is seamlessly transmitted to in-office or remote systems via CARES Connect for prosthesis design and production. Users of Straumann’s simple to use, yet powerful CARES Visual Software, as well as other open dental CAD software, are able to import the scan data directly.