Deer Ridge Periodontics


I am very proud of my new dental office. Sinclair Dental was integral in all aspects of this project from the floor plan to the installation of equipment. They helped keep me on track with my schedule and provided me with all the resources I needed to make educated decisions when making big purchases. I cannot thank them enough for bringing my vision for this practice to life!


Dr. Angela Waciuk, 

Deer Ridge Periodontics



Deer-Ridge-Periodontics-Landscape - 01

Deer-Ridge-Periodontics-Landscape - 02

Deer-Ridge-Periodontics-Landscape - 03

Deer-Ridge-Periodontics-Landscape - 04

Deer-Ridge-Periodontics-Landscape - 05

Deer-Ridge-Periodontics-Landscape - 06



1. Waiting Area

2. Reception

3. Staff Room

4. Private Office

5. Nurse's Station

6-12. Operatories

13. Pan Area

14. Manager's Office

15. Sterilization Area


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