Dentisterie Brompton


Sinclair Dental was the key element in the success of my project. They were able to give me all the necessary tools for a great outcome. For me, their professionalism and support make them an amazing team. Thank you to all the Sinclair Dental team as I will be forever grateful to them.


Dr. Caroline Bélanger

Dentisterie Brompton



Dentisterie-Brompton-Landscape - 01

Dentisterie-Brompton-Landscape - 02

Dentisterie-Brompton-Landscape - 03

ADentisterie-Brompton-Landscape - 04

Dentisterie-Brompton-Landscape - 05



1. Entrance

2. Waiting Room

3. Reception

4. Office

5. Storage Room

6. Washroom

7-8. Operatories

9-11. Future Operatories

12. Lab

13. Washroom

14. Office

15. Digital Imaging

16. Sterilization 



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