Dre Thu Nguyen Centre de Santé Dentaire


I have been doing business with Sinclair Dental ever since I’ve owned a dental clinic. They have always been there for me, to advise me and to give me the best possible service. They understand my situation and make sure they are at the best of their knowledge before offering me any products or solutions. What I like more than anything else is that I consider Sinclair as an ally in the growth of my company.


Dr. Thu Nguyen

Dre Thu Nguyen Centre de Santé Dentaire



1. Entrance

2. Reception

3. Waiting Room

4. Kids Area

5-6. Washrooms

7. Staff Room

8-13. Operatories

14. Digital Imaging

15. Sterilization Area

16. Lab

17. Consultation Room

18-20. Offices

21. Utility Room



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