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We decided to open a brand new dental office in a new area. We chose Sinclair Dental to help because of their personable and helpful team and we knew that they would make the new office a reality. From our initial discussions to the final installations, Sinclair Dental was there every step of the way. When it was time for the installation of the cabinets, chairs, and other equipment the experts at Sinclair Dental made sure it was done on time and that the equipment was ready to go. Since the office has been open, Sinclair has also been instrumental to make sure we are running smoothly.

The people at Sinclair Dental helped make the building and designing process of our dental clinic much easier for us. We would recommend their services to any dental professional. Thank you Sinclair Dental!


Drs. Scott & Todd ZoBell

Land O'Lakes Dental



1. Entrance

2. Waiting Room

3. Kids Area

4. Reception

5. Office

6-7. Consultation Room

8. Doctor's Office

9. Washroom

10. Utility Room

11-19. Operatories

20. Digital Imaging

21-22. Washroom

23. Sterilization

24-25. Storage Rooms



Like what you see above? Sinclair Dental's design team is here to help.

Call 1-800-663-7393 and ask for the Design department.

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