Les Dentistes Spécialistes de Châteauguay


For the creation of the clinic 'Les Dentistes spécialistes de Châteauguay’, I used the services of Sinclair Dental. Every employee we dealt with was attentive to my ideas and they greatly surpassed my expectations concerning the realisation of my project. In large part due to their technical expertise and their advice, they were able to bring forth many diverse solutions in order to be as efficient and as comfortable in our working environment. Their know-how and professionalism allowed me to have peace of mind during the entire construction process. If I ever have another big project to realise, I will not hesitate to choose Sinclair Dental again. Thank you for everything!


Dr. Thu Nguyen

Les Dentistes Spécialistes de Châteauguay



1. Entance

2. Waiting Room

3. Reception

4. Storage

5. Utility Room

6-7. Washrooms

8. Staff Room

9. Lab

10-11. Offices

12. Sterilization

13-14. Operatories

15. Consultation Room

16. Storage

17-18. Operatories



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