One Dental


The team at Sinclair Dental took my over-the-top vision of One Dental and made it a reality. We have worked together in the past and were very happy. This time, the outcome far exceeded our already high expectations. From initial design sessions to the final build, the professional integration was top notch. The equipment team also far exceeded our expectations. Rock on Sinclair!


Dr. Don MacRae
One Dental

One Dental

One Dental

One Dental

One Dental

One Dental



1. Entrance

2-3. Waiting Area

4. Reception

5. Music Studio

6. Washroom

7. Staff Room

8. Office

9. Janitor Closet

10. Mechanical Room

11. Office

12-20. Operatories

21. Storage

22. Sterilization

23. Digital Imaging 

24-25. Washrooms

One Dental FloorPlan


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