Pleasant Valley Dental


I wanted my new clinic to be a unique and special place for my patients and my staff. Sinclair Dental's design team helped me create that vision, and came up with some amazing ideas and concepts, while creating a very functional and efficient office design. Thank you!


Dr. Sean Bicknell

Pleasant Valley Dental



1. Entrance

2. Waiting Room


4. Kids Area

5-6. Offices

7. Consultation Room

8-15. Operatories

16. Scrub Room

17-18. Operatories

19. Sterilization

20. Lab

21. Digital Imaging


24. Roof Deck

25. Office

26. Washroom

27. Office

28-29. Washrooms

30. Roof Deck

31. Kitchen

32. Staff Lounge



Like what you see above? Sinclair Dental's design team is here to help.

Call 1-800-663-7393 and ask for the Design department.

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