Sunset Ridge Dental


We had in mind a design concept for a new office, and we approached Sinclair Dental to facilitate the building process. With their professional help and direction, we were able to fulfil our vision. We now have our new office and love the result!


Dr. Justin Kerr

Sunset Ridge Dental




Sunset Ridge Dental Landscape - 01

Sunset Ridge Dental Landscape - 02

Sunset Ridge Dental Landscape - 03

Sunset Ridge Dental Landscape - 04

Sunset Ridge Dental Portrait - 01



1. Reception

2. Refreshments

3. Waiting Area

4. Kid's Area

5. Storage Room

6. Office

7-8. Washroom

9. Storage Cabinets

10. Utility Room

11. Staff Room

12. Digital Imaging

13-16. Operatories

17. Brushing Station

18. Private Operatory

19. Washroom

20. Storage

21. Lab

22. Sterilization Area


Like what you see above? Sinclair Dental's design team is here to help.

Call 1-800-663-7393 and ask for the Design department.

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