5543 Preference Central Console

The 5543 helps manage valuable office space by allowing operatories to share equipment and utilities, thus making the office more productive. Using a central console saves enough space in width to allow one additional open floor operatory for every five semi-walled operatories. Optional extension is available for the upper module to provide more privacy. 

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  • Modular design that can be customized to work with your specific needs
  • Molded edge banding to seal and protect edges of doors & drawers
  • Two 4-position powered USB2 hubs and built-in cable management system
  • Hands-free touch latches
  • X-ray storage allows you to share equipment between two dental operatories


Options include:

  • Knee or foot activated water
  • Door or drawer dispensers
  • Slide out equipment drawers
  • Swing out shelves
  • CPU storage
  • Lead lined doors
  • Clock timer
  • Task lighting
  • The equipment end can be configured to support a side delivery system.