594 Inspire Sterilization Center

Red indicates contaminated. Blue indicates clean. Everything about the sterilization center is designed to intuitively and visually follow established CDC guidelines for instrument processing protocols, and ultimately, streamline the flow of materials. With the ability to configure the furniture, you can design the workflow to fit your space and your needs. 

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Features and Options:

  • Intuitive coloured lighting identifies the receiving and cleaning storage areas
  • Waterproof slide-out shelves in sterilization towers catch spills and make clean-up a breeze
  • Under-mount stainless steel sink handles the rigors of instrument cleaning
  • Standard foot-activated faucets and doors and motion-activated soap and sanitizer dispensers reduce touch points
  • Easy-reach holders for towels, masks and gloves


Available in four common layouts and various lengths.

  • U-Shaped Sterilization Center - The U-shaped configuration creates a private space that is out of patient view
  • L-Shaped Sterilization Center - The L-shape is well suited for offices with a smaller footprint, or for replacing existing cabinetry
  • Galley Sterilization Center - This configuration allows treatment room access from both sides of the office, and lets patients see that you are serious about sterilization
  • Straight Sterilization Center - If space is limited, a straight sterilization configuration may be the answer