Tri Auto ZX2

  • Compact cordless endodontic handpiece with built-in apex locator
  • New Optimum Glide Path (OGP) function is used for achieving apical patency and creating a glide path by reproducing the delicate finger movements of experienced dentist
  • New Optimum Torque Release (OTR) function alternates motor between forward and reverse rotation allowing safe and efficient canal shaping
  • Optimum Apical Stop (OAS) function reduces the risk of file jamming and separation by slightly reversing the file that reached the end of the working length
  • Real time monitoring of file tip position and canal length throughout the procedure
  • Choice of automatic or manual mode operations provide versatility
  • Compatible with standard NiTi files
  • Functions include:
  • o Root Canal Measurement

    o OGP (Optimum Glide Path)

    o OTR (Optimum Torque Release)

    o OAS (Optimum Apical Stop)

    o Auto Start / Stop o Auto Torque Reverse

    o Auto Apical Reverse / Stop

    o Auto Apical Slow Down

    o Auto Apical Torque Down

    o Auto Torque Slow Down


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