ELECTROmatic Premium Single System (Upgradable To Dual)

  • All-in-one electric motor system with prep mode and integrated endo function
  • Powerful and ultra-quiet KL703 LED electric
  • Short sterilizable motor with water adjustment
  • Motor speed range 100 – 40,000 rpm (with various attachments 2 – 200,000 rpm)
  • SMARTdrive sensorless control provides a high torque at low speed ranges
  • Endo mode features: 5 programmable endo sequences with up to 10 files each, 22 pre-programmed file systems, gear ratio options, motor forward/reverse option, torque control, auto-reverse, auto-reverse/forward options
  • Prep mode features: 5 programmable speed settings, selectable gear ratio of handpiece (shows actual bur speed), motor forward/reverse option
  • Large 4.3" TFT color touch screen with scratch-resistant Dragontrail® glass display
  • Multiple mounting options on any delivery unit, cabinet or dental cart for ergonomic operation
  • Easy to upgrade modular system design – motor, tubes and LED bulb are exchangeable on site
  • Pairs best with Kavo MASTERmatic attachments


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