NLZ E S120 Portable Electric Micromotor System with Endo Function

  • Lightweight (59 g) brushless electric micromotor with internal water spray
  • Speed range between 100 and 40,000 rpm
  • Improved magnet rotor for more power (max torque 4.2 Ncm)
  • Motor generates less heat without compromising the power output
  • 0.3mm water filter at the back of the main unit prevents clogging of the water lines
  • Contra-Check function allows detect deterioration of electric attachment and insufficient maintenance before use
  • General application mode contains 6 programs
  • Rotary endo mode contains 6 programs
  • Recipro endo mode function available for operation with NLZ Endo contra angle handpiece and Wave One file
  • “Contra-Check Function” enables torque calibration for enhanced safet
  • Separate control unit from main unit for improved visibility and operability
  • Flexible installation styles
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    NSK America #: Y1003736

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