Ti-Max Z Micro

The Ti-Max Z Micro Premium Series of Air-Driven High-Speed Handpieces have an exceptionally small head (9mm) with a powerful 20 Watts of cutting power. The new Dynamic Power System 3X ensures a superior degree of smoothness during cutting operations with an extended power cylinder, expanded roto bucket and expanded exhaust groove.

  • Operability and visibility are significantly improved by the 100-degree angled head.
  • Solid titanium body is 30% lighter than stainless steel and comes with scratch resistant Duragrip
  • Contamination reduction provided with the NSK’s DualDefense™ System with the Clean Head System and the Anti-Retraction Valve.
  • Equipped with Cellular Glass Optics, Ceramic Bearings, Push Button Chuck and Quattro Spray.
  • NSK Backend
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    NSK America #: PA2357

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