• Cleans, maintains and purges up to 3 handpieces automatically
  • Customizable cycle times; 15, 30, 45 and 60 seconds / handpiece
  • Manual maintenance of chuck mechanism integrated into the unit
  • Saves time and extends the lifetime of your handpieces
  • Delivers optimal lubrication needed to maintain handpiece performance
  • Contains: unit, 2 x E-type couplings, 1 x MULTIflex coupling
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Statmatic Adapters


Adapter description SciCan part # Sinclair item #
E-Type Maintenance Coupling S30101-E 835sc11
KaVo INTRA head adapter S30101-KVH (**)
KaVo MULTIFlex Type handpieces S30101-CX 835sc08
Midwest low speed attachments S30101-MW (**)
NSK high speed handpieces S30101-NSK 835sc10
SciCan Statis high speed handpieces S30101-CX (**)
W&H high speed handpieces S30101-W&H 835sc07
MULTIflex/Connex maintenance coupling S30101-CX 835sc08