iCare (C3 type)

  • Automatically cleans & lubricates up to four hand pieces at once at the touch of a button
  • Proper solution volume is preset based on hand piece type (high or low speed)
  • Purge mode ensures complete removal of excess oil
  • Contains:
    • iCare unit
    • 1 L Maintenance oil
    • Mist filter set
    • Oil absorber sheet
    • Air tube
    • Chuck Cleaning Nozzle


C3 Type – 120V

  • One Standard Port + Three Rotation Ports
  • Item #: i835nk13

    NSK America #: Y1002797

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iCare Adapters


Adapter description NSK part # Sinclair item #
E-Type attachments Z280035 835nk14
KaVo MULTIflex type handpieces Z257020835nk04
NSK ENDO-MATE DT, TC2 & TASKAL Wizard/ISD900 Heads Z280042 (**)
NSK highspeed & lowspeed handpieces for PTL-CL-4HV-T coupler Z257010 835nk06
W&H high speed & low speed handpieces with Roto-Quick type connection Z257021 835nk07